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Articulated Mannequins with Patented Lockable Joints

Patented articulated male mannequin capabilities provide proper look and pose needed to create the most effective visual impact. They are made with spring loaded ratchet joints that can be positioned to lock into place for holding heavy objects. These units have hip joints that allow the legs outward or lateral movement for more options, especially for military and or athletic uses. The replaceable head has unlimited options, the hands are fixed or flexible, and finishes range from skin tone to any color imaginable.

Our Patented articulating mannequin joints advantages are; exact locking position, support more weight for realistic displays, lateral leg movement for more authentic visual impact. If you have a specific need that requires flexibility with weight support. Please Contact Us to obtain a price quote and delivery.

patented articulating male mannequin
Articulated Male magnify image

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patented articulating female mannequin
Articulated Female magnify image

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