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Mannequin Clearance and Used Mannequin Sale

Listed here are many used mannequins and forms that are a collection of our inventory from many projects in our industry and can be sold as is, modified or with bases. If you see a mannequin or form that will fit your need or requirement, please contact us to make sure they are still in stock as these units are sold on an as is basis. Prices do not include shipping and handling charges. These items are updated regularly, as new and different items that come in to our studio.


Used Female

UM-53 used female mannequin $175.
Used Patina V $175magnify image

Used Male

used male mannequin $275
Used Rootstein Male $275magnify image

Female Forms

used female body form
UF-01 used form $35 magnify image

Male Forms

Used Male Hanging Form
UMF-09 Hanging Form $95magnify image
More products will continually be displayed. If you do not see the item you have in mind, Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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