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Tension Joint Male Mannequins

Tension Joint Male fiberglass mannequin have limited movements. The heads are replaceable, the hands can be flexible; adjustable and much more. If you have a specific need that requires flexibility for your specific requirements, please Contact Us to obtain a price quote and delivery.

tension joint male mannequin
Tension Joint Male magnify image
    kneeling tension joint Male mannequin
Kneeling magnify image
guarding tension joint mannequin
Sentinel magnify image
sitting Male tension joint mannequin
Sitting magnify image
        articulated paintball mannequin
Cycling magnify image

See our selection of Female Tension Joint Mannequins for more options from Ruben's Display World

More articulated male mannequins will continually be displayed. If you do not see the model you have in mind, Contact Us to discuss your reguirements.

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